Our Refurbishing Process                                                                                                                                      

With all of the pinball machines we refurbish for resale, the following is done to each machine at a minimum:
  • The top of the playfield will be disassembled.  All parts removed, cleaned and / or polished, and then reassembled.  If any parts are broken, they are replaced, if available.
  • Prior to reassembling the playfield, it will be cleaned, polished, and waxed.
  • All new rubber rings are installed.
  • All bulbs are replaced with new bulbs - not just the bad ones, but all of them.
  • All playfield switches and targets are cleaned and adjusted.
  • All mechanical assemblies from under the playfield are removed, inspected, cleaned and/or polished, and reassembled.  If any parts are damaged or broken, they are replaced.
  • The playfield light inserts are cleaned from the underside of the playfield.
  • All new coil sleeves are installed with the exception of drop target reset coils, unless the sleeves are damaged on these units.
  • The coin door will be disassembled, cleaned, polished, and a new lock installed.
  • All fuses are inspected for the correct rating, tested, and replaced if necessary.
  • The cabinet will been cleaned, (exterior and interior).  Furthermore, the exterior will be polished.
  • Chrome legs are cleaned, polished, and waxed.  On occasion, legs will be painted when applicable.
  • New leg levelers are installed, (the part which actually rests on the floor).
  • For solid state machines where a single NiCad battery is mounted on the CPU / MPU board, a remote battery pack or a memory capacitor will be installed to reduce the risk of future board damage.  However, if the CPU / MPU board uses a 3 - AA battery holder, only the batteries will be replaced with new ones in some instances.
  • With electromechanical machines, stepper units are disassembled, cleaned, and lubrication applied where needed.  Equally, coil sleeves are replaced on step up and step down coils when necessary.
  • New ball(s) are installed.
  • Game will be tested for proper scoring and game play.

We can also refurbish your game.  Pricing is determined by the complexity of the playing field of your game.  For example, a newer late 80's / 90's model with ramps, multiple playfield levels, toys, and intricate mechanical objects will typically cost more than a game with a single level playfield from the early 80's or prior.  Please call 717-564-1032 or e-mail for a quote.