Parts For Sale


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We have the following playfields that we're parting out, since they were orphaned from the game which they belong.  We do not have any cabinets or backboxes for the games listed, just the playfields. In most cases, some plastics are broken due to the way these were stored.

  • 1985 Gottlieb Premier Chicago Cubs Triple Play - mostly complete, no plastics
  • 1993 Gottlieb Premier Cue Ball Wizard - mostly complete
  • 1980 Stern Flight 2000 - mostly complete
  • 1978 Williams Grand Prix - mostly complete
  • 1977 Bally Mata Hari - mostly complete
  • 1977 Bally Eight Ball - mostly complete, no plastics
  • 1977 Gottlieb Cleopatra (solid state) - mostly complete, no plastics
  • 1982 Bally Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man - mostly complete
  • 1980 Williams Black Knight - mostly complete
  • 1973 Gottlieb Pro-Football - mostly complete overall nice

If you need a part from any of the above games listed, we just may have it.

Sorry, but we do not ship populated playfields.

We have a fair selection of used mechanical assemblies for Gottlieb, Williams, Bally, Stern, and Game Plan (very limited parts).  Items such as drop target assemblies, kicker arms, trough kickers, coils, flipper mechanisms, chime assemblies, pop bumpers, etc.  We also keep a large repository of original video game and pinball machine paperwork (manuals, schematics, and flyers) and playfield plastics (for games pre-1990).  We have tested and working Gottlieb 4, 6, and 7 digit display units too.

If you're looking for new pinball commodity parts including, 1-1/16" pinballs, rubber rings, bulbs, etc., we should be able to serve your needs.   We stock rubber ring kits for nearly 500 different pinball machines starting at $18 per kit.  Click here for a game list, or e-mail for availability.

  E-mail or call us at 717-564-1032 with your needs today!