About Us

We've always enjoyed playing pinball since the mid-1970's.  Even in the 90's, we would take the time to drop a couple of quarters in pinball over a lunch break.  Fast forward to the 21st century.  Pinball machines became more like an endangered species, once most of the large arcades in our area downsized or closed.  So, what better way to enjoy pinball, if you can no longer find one, than to purchase a machine to play anytime in your own home.  That's exactly what we did!  At the time, we never imagined that we would acquire a second, third, or fourth pinball machine, but it did happen.  And, it happened a lot!  After having to fix nearly every machine we acquired, we became very proficient at repairing them.  The great thing was that we enjoyed doing it, too!

Now, repairing pinball machines has become a full time job, and we're here to serve you.  
Call us at 717-564-1032 or e-mail anytime, if you want to buy, sell, or have a pinball machine repaired.